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Offer courses

We dedicate to all categories of our clients in Ski School Smile, from beginners to sporting skiers and snowboarders. For advanced skiers and snowboarders we offer lessons in snow park or freeride lessons.

Lessons are individual as well as in group form. Individual form is very effective because it provides us with enough room for us to adapt to the specific individual needs of our clients. Children have the opportunity to ski under the supervision of ski instructor in small groups, which allows them to enjoy more fun, meet new friends and spend a longer time with an instructor for affordable price. Group courses are not suitable for beginners, we have organized ski courses for children 6-12 years.

Lessons for the youngest

Lessons formed especially for the beginners focused on the skiing basics.

Kids group courses

Group courses are focused on handling different ski terrains, exercising parallel turns and basic carve.

Individual lessons for adults

This type of teaching is very effective and able to match every client’s unique needs.

Group lessons for adults

Perfect for those who want to spend time and have fun with their friends.

Freeride lessons

These lessons are specially designed for good skiers who are looking for some adrenalin.