• Ski School Smile Jasna

    Our team is always ready to help you! We offer ski and snowboard courses, rental and ski servis.

  • Kids group courses

    Kids are skiing with instructor in small groups up to 9 skiers. This let them to enjoy more fun, meet new friends and ski more hours with instructor for better price.

  • Age doesn’t matter!

    We offer proffesional ski and snowboard courses of all levels and all ages, from beginners to freeride lessons.

  • Bored of caring your equipment?

    We offer a free over-night equipment depository for equipment rented in our office. Your equipment is dried and ready for you in a morning right next to the slope.

  • Ski servis from just 18€

    We provide angling of your edges and structuring of your base. If you take care of your skies they will take care of you!

  • Here for everyone

    We offer ski and snowboard rental of world well-known brands for very decent prices.

About us

Ski School Smile Jasna offers proffesional ski and snowboard courses of all levels, from beginners to freeride lessons. Our team of instructors is all certified by SAPUL, Slovak association of professional ski instructors.

  • Barbora Štellerová

    ski license C

  • Helena Soumarová

    ski license C

  • Andrej Fuksa

    ski license C

  • Boris Benkovič

    ski license C

  • Tatiana Bačkayová

    ski license C

  • Michaela Hollá

    dual license C

  • Zdeněk Malý

    ski license C

  • Matej Vetrák

    ski license C

  • Marek Brezina

    ski license C

  • Igor Klamár

    dual licencia C

  • Juraj Hurtis

    ski license C

  • Michal Hajek

    snowboard license C

  • Eduard Ruzicka

    ski license A

  • Peter Gbur

    ski license C

  • Martin Staronova

    ski license C

  • Jaroslav Kropac

    ski and snowboard license A

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