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Servis and Shop

Equipment problems? Don`t worry, we can fix it. We have a basic service material and spare parts on stock so we are able to fix almost all minor problems. If not we will advise you what to do or where to get it fixed.

We offer complete ski and snowboard equipment service. We have many years of experience so you don`t need to be worry to visit us. Have a lunch and in a meantime we will sharpen your edges, wax your base. We provide angling of your edges and structuring of your base. If you take care of your skies they will take care of you!

However our shop is not so spacious we can accommodate basic needs of our visitors. Did you forget your goggles at home? Didn`t expect strong wind or freezing weather? Heavy snowing? Did you break your skiing pole? Or you just want to make yourself happy? Come and stop at our shop, we will be more than happy to help you!

We sell winter accessories (thermo clothing, balaclavas, caps and gloves) of local and international brands. Protective wear, goggles and helmets Scott and Marker.